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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been accredited by the National Association of Board of Pharmacy® (NABP®) for Digital Pharmacy and is licensed / accredited with all 50 State Boards of Pharmacy. What we’re doing is 100% legal. We’re approved by the FDA and also regulated by the rules that protect you and us both. There are many rules in several countries which restrict users to buy medications like Xanax(XR). Some citizens of the USA face difficulty in purchasing Xanax online, but here we provide the possibility of buying Xanax(XR) online without any challenges. Here are  some the questions our clients always ask;

Where are you located?

We’re a US-based online pharmacy located at Little Rock, AR 72211.

Aren't online pharmacies illegal?

Online pharmacies are NOT illegal. However, pharmacies must be fully licensed and accredited to operate online. has been accredited by the National Association of Board of Pharmacy® (NABP®) for Digital Pharmacy and is licensed / accredited with all 50 State Boards of Pharmacy.

How come you sell prescription Xanax so cheaply?

We’re able to keep our prices low by removing layers of cost between the manufacturer and the end consumer (you). By ordering directly from the manufacturer, we are able to cut out several levels of middlemen, and as an online pharmacy we aren’t burdened with the heavy overhead costs of traditional brick-and-mortar retail chains. The end result is that we are able to secure our products at a lower cost than our competitors and pass the savings on to you.

Do i need a prescription to order xanax?

NO!, you don’t need a script to order from us.

Are these Original Pfizer Xanax medication?

Absolutely!, all products available on our website are FDA approved, Pfizer manufactured and they’re all original. Rest assured you’ll be getting the best top quality xanax for sale when you order from us.

How do you deliver?, is it safe?

All orders are shipped 24/7 (Everyday). Please remember that all the packages are to be signed, so it’s advisable to ensure that you provide the correct details like your phone number and shipping address before you order xanax online from us.

Note: If your address is a P.O BOX, then you will be asked to collect the package from your local post office after you show proof of purchase.

Shipping and Delivery is completely 100% safe!!.

How to my track my order?

As soon as your placed order is shipped, we will send you an email along with the tracking details. You can click the tracking link which you received in the mail to check and track your package status anytime-anywhere.

Do I need to be present when you deliver?

Anyone can sign and receive your package on your behalf. Using our tracking mail, you might get the notification mail once it reaches the local post office. From there, you can schedule the delivery of your Xanax and pickup according to your convenience.

What’s the estimated time of delivery?

The typical ETA is

  • 1 – 2 Days for US & Canada delivery
  • 3 Days for express delivery
  • 4-8 Days for international delivery


Do you offer overnight shipping of medications?

Yes, we offer overnight delivery via multiple courier agencies for all of our products.

Do you provide refunds?

Yes! we do, If something isn’t right, we are happy to process a return. We have a 30-day money back guarantee for all orders. All refund applications will be carefully considered and given at the discretion of Company Management. Visit our refunds policy page to find out more about it.

How do you protect the privacy and security of your customers?

All the information you provide is completely secure with us. We do not share any personally identifiable information with any company not associated with ours. Additionally, all customer data is encrypted from end to end. You can learn more on the “Privacy Policy” page on our website.